Tuesday, July 10, 2007

An Ode To Traffic

Traffic traffic everywhere
Places to be, faces to see – public transportation is for saps
No need to signal, thats why the person in your blind spot has brakes.

Traffic traffic everywhere
Get mad at the slowskies, honk and tailgate – flipping the bird is an art
Rudeness is a prerequisite, acting infantile a required stipulation
Rage is extra credit.

Traffic traffic everywhere
Scared as hell to be with your thoughts for more than 1 minute – pick up the cell
Call, call, blah blah, dial dial, hello hello
Now note that the only difference between driving drunk and driving while on a cell is that one is legal.

Traffic traffic everywhere
Let this guy in? NO! Gotta go faster
Faster, faster, slow is for losers
Left lane closing in 1 mile? Merge left, speed as far as possible and force somebody to brake when you run out of lane – everybody does it – why can’t I?

Traffic traffic everywhere
The bigger your car, the cooler you are
Hybrids are for liberal pansies - more gas, more power please
Step on it – go go.

Traffic traffic everywhere
A depressing commentary on society in general
Selfishness, Greed, Hatred, Disregard, Rage, Waste, Stupidity
A multitude of man’s faults and negativity conglomerate in one dangerous atmosphere.

The Road.