Wednesday, September 7, 2016

In Like Indiana Jones Under the Door

Holy Hell  I cannot fathom that it has been nearly 2 years since I posted on this here thing.

Let me post a brief update:
1) I still sadly work in the same places I did when last I posted.  Reading back on my ambitions to get off on my own makes me depressed. 

2) Baby on the way (which is why I stopped looking into practice ownership temporarily).  Time to focus on something besides not being a shitty dad.

3) Still in Chicago, planning to get a house in the burbs by next summer.  Ahhh suburban life.  I will miss the awesomeness of the city...but I will not miss the cramped quarters and overall dirtiness

So let me lay it out like a do a treatment plan.
Phase 1: Hopefully have healthy baby in next few months, learn how to do the early parenting schtick.
Phase 2: Get out of the city (acquire home to raise said baby)
Phase 3: Contact broker and get on the horse to buy a practice.
Phase 4: Review this post next year and kick myself if I haven't accomplished 1-3.

I do hope to chronical the practice purchasing process (much like planned to chronical starting from scratch).  I do plan to chronical a lot things that don't end up getting chronicalled (not even a word?).

Ahhh such is the adult life.  Just like a home improvement project that gets tabled for months..I'm doing the same thing here.

The meat of this blog was the dental school experience itself, I still have fun re-reading and remembering stuff I had already forgotten about.  Just had our 5 year anniversary last May.  Time certainly has a way of ramping up every year.

I can't believe people still read this thing.  I hope my old posts are still useful to the next generation.  Maybe..just maybe I will be able to contribute to the young graduates again.  No promises.  But I'll try to try!