Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let Me Count The Ways

Three full weeks into a GPR and I can already definitively say that this was a great idea. The amount of pure learning going on at this place is absolutely staggering. I probably learn more in one day here than I was doing in a month during my final year of d-school.

Unfortunately, the scheduled is pretty damn intense so I get home exhausted on a daily basis.

Real quick:

On call: got called in on a trauma case, replanted/splinted #9 and sutured facial lacerations. Scarring turned out pretty damn nice considering I'm not in plastics and had never sutured skin before.

OR case: Oral Squamous cell carcinoma , full mouth EXT prior to radiation therapy. Surreal experience to say the least.

Special Needs Thursdays: A brand of dentistry that many dentists never experience or are simply to frightened to try (with good reason). Exhausting and satisfying all at once.

IV sedations: Coming soon! One resident per week at the moment, eventually more. 20+ cases by the time I'm done (not including my month in anesthesia).

Implant dentistry: Free CE all year from nobel biocare once a month, new system at the office, will definitely be placing some soon.

Plenty of stuff I forgot. The attendings and co-residents are all great.
Sorry for the brevity, but time is not my friend anymore.