Sunday, September 30, 2007

The September That Never Was

Dental schools is pretty wild. Not in the 'fun' wild sense either - although I have had fun (sometimes). I wouldn't say things are out of hand yet either, but I can definitely see where all the 'this shit is impossible' rumors start from in the first place.

Five weeks in, and I already feel pretty drained - although the weekends do help. Unfortunately, I spend those weekends studying a lot more than I would like. I have been meaning to post an impression on the curriculum thus far but just haven't had the drive/time. Rest assured, such a post will be forthcoming after the next lull in testing. We have three exams this week (should be four, but our class managed to get the physio test bumped back a week).

So briefly, I started out on fire as it were. I did quite well on my first two exams in physio and microbiology...and was just chugging along until the first anatomy practical last week. Calling it a disaster would be putting it mildly. Granted, I haven't actually gotten the grade back, but I know it will be awful..hopefully passing though (>70)..we will see. I thought I had prepared really well too, but wow... you would be surprised how hard it is to get your perspective right on a cadaver, identify a few structures, AND answer some questions regarding said structures in a paltry 2 minutes.

I could go in depth..but I will do it later because I'm tired.

I just wanted to quickly get a post in before september 07' vanished forever. Be patient, I promise more eventually.

1/3 of the way through the first of eleven semesters.... loooong way to go.