Sunday, April 29, 2007

21 Days Left

It is with great spirit that I announce a mere 21 days remain before I can leave the life of undergrad FOREVER. I genuinely hope these were not “The Best Four Years of My Life” as most forty-year olds seem to claim. If this was the case, I am going to be a very unhappy person. Don’t get me wrong, college was fun, educating, relaxed, and responsibility-free – but I’m sick of it. I guess my idea of fun is just different from what is “normal.”

I know dental school is going to be stressful, time-consuming, and soul-draining; however, I believe I will be happier, simply because my life is advancing to a new stage. My free time will be limited, but I have a feeling I will make better use of it in a new environment with an older group of people to be around.

So as an ode to the 21 days left of undergrad, I have compiled a list of 21 things I will NOT miss.

In no particular order:

1. Broken beer bottles on the steps leading out of my residence

2. Douchebags playing frisbee, football, baseball, and/or soccer in the middle of a busy walkway because they are too lazy to walk 5 minutes to an open field.

3. Above mentioned douchebags using my apartment wall as a surface to bounce said sports objects off of.

4. Drunks smashing their cars into other parked cars in a gated parking lot with cameras and then speeding off only to deny all events the next day despite being on camera.

5. Sitting in any “intro to blank” class that involves zero stimulation or brain activity and is an utter waste of time (although I may find a few of these in d-school..hope not!)

6. Really drunk women (moderately drunk is fine..but smashed girls are the most ridiculous and annoying thing I have ever seen.)

7. Drunks thinking it is funny to tip over air conditioner units, literally destroying them and condemning whoever lives in the residence to sweltering heat.

8. Townies (I welcome the hobos of Chicago over townies any day)

9. LOUD trains outside my window

10. A pathetic internet connection

11. Pre-professional students (more-so the newer generation than my peers)

12. Boring-ass biology classes focused on a handful of phyla that have no real correlation to the human body or human health yet are required to graduate.

13. Having flex dollars only work at quiznos, subway, jimmy john’s, and dominos. Try living off that crap for four years. I AM going to learn how to cook next year.

14. Inconsiderate neighbors that steal my porch furniture

15. Inconsiderate neighbors that bring all sorts of vagabonds and shady characters over and consequently “hang-out” on my side of the porch, creepily attempting to peer into my apartment.

16. Inconsiderate neighbors that litter about 100,000 cigarettes (honest estimate actually) all over the place and insist that the garbage dumpster is actually our shared porch.

17. Annoying-ass freshmen that claim their major is “pre-med” and proceed to flunk intro to music 101.

18. Finding a girl attractive, only to quickly realize she is barely 18 and I will almost have my DDS before she can even legally drink.

19. Kids complaining about having to get up before 10am

20. Roomates (even though the guy I lived with this year has been great)

21. Having too much free time. (yea you might think I am insane to say this, but I really feel like a waste of space if I don’t do SOMETHING productive every so often).

This list could go on for awhile, I could also make a list of things I WILL miss – but I am going to save that for once I start dental school and really realize what I probably took for granted.

I am done!

Oh yea, GO BULLS!!