Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hypochondria and Insomnia

It was bound to happen; I am becoming a hypo before my very own eyes. The human mind is still a giant question mark in the scientific annals but it is generally agreed upon that it is more powerful than most can speculate. Ever met a savant? Too bad we can’t quite grasp our own potentials without being crippled in other capacities.

The only power my brain has been up to of late is screwing myself over. I knew it was going to happen; all these bio courses have warped my innocent mind. To any non-science oriented folk reading, don’t learn…ignorance is bliss. Hell, I have only begun to scrap the surface over four years in undergrad – but I am realizing just how insane the human body is. The complexities, the intricacies, and the enormous amount of organization are staggering.

Along with the infinitesimal structures and mechanisms running 24/7, we chug along in our daily lives taking for granted how impressive LIFE is. We also take for granted how easily we can break down and lose that life. The major contributor to death in America is heart disease – which seems to have a strong correlation with our sedentary lifestyle. We are a bunch of chunkers - fast food stuffing our way to an early grave.

I may be a very thin person, but I am by no means in shape. I get winded walking up a few flights of stairs, and I am 22 years young. I have never really exercised on a regular basis…and somehow I think dental school will not be the ideal time to start, but I need to re-evaluate my own lifestyle because it sure as hell is not healthy.

The human body evolved to be active, not sloth like – which is exactly where the future is taking us. We are going to de-evolve at this rate.

So what is up with the title? Well I have recently been feeling sick, and it gets worse when I am sitting in my apartment thinking about it – dreaming up the worst possible diagnosis. As soon as I go to class, I don’t feel anything – leading me to believe that the primary cause of my discomfort is psychological, which is actually far more frightening than an obvious physical ailment. I really think my basic knowledge of biology is compounding the problem.

I think of my T-cells hanging out around the cooler talking about the cell Olympics instead of high-fivin’ some antigen-MHC complexes and going to town on invaders. I imagine my B-cells producing IgM like no tomorrow, but missing the memo that said to switch to IgG. When I pull a muscle, I think that all the myosin heads have gone on strike and won’t be “power-stroking” anywhere in the near future. The list goes on. The more I think of this crap, the more discomfort I feel at any given time.

It is probably just a phase, and it isn’t like I’m not learning about how incredible our body is at healing itself. But as I’ve mentioned previously..I am eternally pessimistic about most everything. The Bulls are up 2-0 on the Heat, and I still think they are going to lose.
So this post may seem a bit on the crazy side, and I agree. I blame this on my recent development of minor insomnia. I have been getting about 4-5 hours of sleep a night for the last week. I try to sleep, but I won’t. I am not busy, so it isn’t like I don’t have time to body just isn’t cooperating. Could be the warmer weather, could be the rain, could be my asshole cat knocking stuff off my desk at some ungodly hour, could be the attention seeking conductor of that train that clearly is blaring its horn waaaay after it clears the tracks, could be a lot of things. But it is annoying. So I figure writing a long post displaying the inner workings of a madman would be beneficial to bored people everywhere.

Praise be to Krishna!