Saturday, April 14, 2007


So I am 22 now, and will turn 23 the very day orientation starts. This is apparently on the younger end of the spectrum nowadays as the amount of traditional applicants seems to be dwindling. This got me thinking, I already feel out of the age-bracket here in undergrad. I can’t relate with the drunken antics of 19 year olds anymore, I feel so removed from that sort of lifestyle.

Now I’m going to be the “little kid” again, a freshman all-over. Instead of feeling like I’m too old, I already am afraid of feeling too young. I really can’t relate with a 30 year old that has 2 kids; our worlds will just be too different. Not that we wouldn't get along, but I just can't see us relating as I would to a single 23-25ish student. I am sure there will be plenty of younger D1s starting as well, but the pessimist inside me keeps screaming that I will be viewed as an unknowledgeable whelp lost in a sea of “learned” people. I guess I’m going to have to wait and see.

I feel stuck, too old for undergrad, too young for dental school – there is no happy ground for the eternally pessimistic.

But what got me on this age talk? Well, I just watched live on CNBC as my very own Chicago won the bid to represent America towards accommodating the 2016 summer Olympics. EAT IT L.A.!!!

As I celebrate, I begin to realize how OLD I will be by the time 2016 even rolls around. I will almost be 32!! I can only imagine how much will have changed, hopefully for the better. Yea 32 isn’t really that old, but it feels like Grandpa Status to me at this point.

Nothing else new going on, just killing time until graduation. I did officially apply for the summer research program at UIC. I verified that they received my app, so now I get to wait some more and hope I get an interview.

That is one great thing I have learned over this last year – how to wait.

Now I’m going to try to study immunology…emphasis on the word try. Then I got some bourbon that needs sippin’