Monday, December 3, 2007

The Final Stretch

About three weeks remain until the successful completion of my first semester of dental school. I can safely say successful because I truly doubt I will fail any classes..unless I completely f-bomb the finals. I think my grades will end up being well above-average, although below what my 4.0 type personality originally wanted. Although at this point, I still could get straight apples, I would REALLY have to annihilate the anatomy final (which is rumored to be the most difficult test of the semester). Of course I will try, but I’m not planning on any miracles.
I’m beginning to feel that grades aren’t AS important to me as originally thought. Sure I want to do my best, but my current aspirations don't revolve around ortho or oral surgery. However, I am well aware that things change, so I’m simply trying not to burn the bridge.

I also came to the realization last night that I am actually more social than I was in college which sounds outrageous, but is oddly true. I think this turn in events is correlated to how little free time I have and the fact that all my classmates are on pretty much the same schedule. So when I actually do have some free time, I want to embrace and enjoy it. In the same vein, being social feels almost necessary to help bear the rigors of non-stop exams and lab work. In undergrad, I had too much time on my hands and the actual social opportunities were limited to binges and bro gatherings. Living in a huge city clearly offers a new brand of entertainment. Or at least offers options beyond your run-of-the-mill college party.

Another interesting development is that pretty much all of my d-school friends are 25+. I remember making a post many months ago relating my concerns of feeling too young, now I figured it out. I’m not THAT much younger (23), but I feel like most of my classmates didn’t jump straight from undergrad. The younger kids in my class feel all too much like the rabble I tended to avoid in undergrad. Of course I am generalizing, and I honestly think most of my classmates are pretty cool in general. There are exceptions as always, but this blog is not meant to spiral in teenage directions, and it won’t.

So how are finals shaping out? Well I just had a micro test last week, this week we have a tooth ID test, and our final physio exam. I am excited that we finish physio so early. We have a couple papers due for epi and ethics but I have pretty much finished them. Next week we have our performance exam in restorative, a final written exam for restorative/perio, a final tooth wax up practical, and an anatomy practical…(this week will blow). The final week we have the beastly anatomy lecture final, micro final, BHD final, and histo final. This week is not as bad as it appears because there is NO class..which will be amazing – especially because I feel like this last histo test is going to be much more difficult than the others and I’m gonna need lots of time to study.

So yea this post is rather scattered..but that is kinda how my life is right now. My apartment is horribly messy. I just can’t keep things clean and organized. I am just holding out till break..then I will be exorcizing the dirty demons.

School has been tough, but not horrible. It is about what you might expect. I have only recently come to realize just how much I have learned without even thinking about it. When I look at a non-dental friend and say “you some broccoli stuck between nine and ten,” they look at me like I’m some sort of psychopath. I don’t blame them, but it is still cool. The fun part is that I never sat down and learned the teeth numbering, it just happened amongst all the other activities.

There are other examples, but I really gotta hit the bed.
I will try my best to put up one more post before the next semester begins celebrating the half-way point through my D-1 year.