Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Out of Control

This semester is absolutely horrendous compared to last. I have finished three days and already feel like I have been through three weeks. Allow me to compare:

Semester 1:

Physiology I
Histology I
Anatomy I
Comprehensive Care Ia

Semester 2:

Physiology II
Histology II
Anatomy II
Comprehensive Care Ib
Pathology I

Am I the only one that sees the enormous imbalance here? Granted anatomy II ends after 8 weeks, but comp care class work will fill its spot. Comp care Ia was also a free ‘A’ pretty much last semester, but now they have removed the filler portions like ethics and epi and we are stuck with pretty much all clinical dentistry. They are also beginning to grade us on the quality of our work. Many of these classes also require MASSIVE amounts of reading (which is of course being quizzed weekly). We had ZERO quizzes last semester. To make matters worse, I was involved in the summer research program here and am required to do a poster presentation during the clinic and research day in February. Might I add that I didn’t actually get anything worth putting on a poster done, but they still want one.

Sigh. Fortitude is where it is at people. I was quite satisfied with my grades last semester, now I am more concerned with passing everything than maintaining the GPA.

We will see how things go, I’m sure I will be a D-2 before I know it; but it just seems like a LOT of stuff to maintain.

And as you might imagine I have no time to add further commentary, so I am off to read the endless pile of reading assignments we have gotten in the first three days.

Stay tuned to see if I live or die.