Sunday, September 7, 2008

Part I is ‘Officially’ Finished

I got my results yesterday and celebrated by spending 5 hours at the school doing lab work. The amount of physical work is simply staggering compared to last year which was essentially 100% mental. Several of my closer friends got them as well, and everyone so far has passed. Good day.

This is simply a quick post to assure all the curious minds that I will be continuing progress through dental school uninterrupted. I actually surprised myself with the score too. I scored higher in pretty much every section than I had on any of the old exams. Of course, the actual scale for scoring is much more difficult than it was a few years ago, but I definitely have a solid score. So the GPR/specialty route is still a realistic possibility – assuming I don’t suddenly start failing classes. I’m however beginning to feel like I’ll want to kill off some loans first after four years here.

So the first true milestone of getting that big fat degree is officially finished. I wish I had a mini-vacation now to really celebrate but there is just too much to do. I currently am enjoying doing this work over studying though. Everything feels more relevant at least and my speed at doing basic lab tasks is 1000x faster than it was last year.

I may go in again today to catch up in dentures, but I think I will just use my wonderful Tuesday afternoon time to do that. I also told myself that I would try to ALWAYS have one day out of the week that I never set foot in the dental school. So we’ll see how that goes.

Congratulations to all my classmates that passed, and good luck to everyone still waiting for scores or preparing for the test.

It feels great to be done!