Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm Not Dead...Yet

Missed an entire month..oops. Things have been horribly busy and stressful and frustrating and fun all at once.

Since I still am getting plowed by school, I will sum it up real fast.

1. Had to remediate my first performance exam ever (crown prep)

2. Succesfully finished my last endo performance exam and would have had a near perfect score if my x-ray didn't get destroyed in the grading bag prior to evaluation. Regardless, I did not have to remediate any endo exams which is great. In all honesty, I find this specialty to be the most interesting so far.

3. Had my first patient appointment for a recall exam (and she showed up!) It went about as perfectly as one could hope. She was young and clearly had been taking great care of her there really wasn't much work for me to do! I unfortunately was unable to get any other patients in this semester...oh well, next semester will provide even more opportunities before hitting the clincs full time as a D-3.

4. Finished my first gold is purty

5. I've decided that dental materials is the most drab topic ever to grace a power point presentation. Maybe if I wasn't expected to cram so much other crap into my head while learning a million new clinical skills I could find some of it useful..or interesting...well...probably not.

6. Lots of other random things, but those were the major events of november...the month that flew by.

2.5 weeks left to this hell of a semester before I get a real vacation. Today was a looooong day..tomorrow should be better aside from the oral path final.

This semester is without question, the hardest academic semester of my existance.

I enjoy it more than D-1 year though, because it is practical to my career.

Now I'm off to watch top chef with my lady and not study because my brain refuses to allow one more sentence of pathology inside.