Thursday, November 5, 2009


I obviously can’t really compare UIC versus other dental schools because I can only go to one. I have received numerous questions from randoms and friends/family about how much experience I am getting in the clinics.

So I decided - what the hell, why not just run a production report and find out. I could care less about HOW much production I have made in dollar values but I do care about WHAT I have done or how many procedures.

So I am fairly deep into my time as a D-3, why not see just how much experience I have gotten thus far. I will probably do a follow-up towards the end.

Quick note: I am not including EVERYTHING – pretty much just procedural dentistry. I am also leaving out radiographs because I don’t get credit for the ones I do on rotation and I get credit for simply ordering them but not actually doing it. Needless to say, I feel fine with radiographs for the most part.

I am also including things I haven’t finished or will be (hopefully) starting shortly.


7 – Periodic Oral Evaluation (6 month exam)

34 – Urgent Cares (about to become 35 this afternoon)

12 – Comprehensive Oral Evaluations (new patient work-up)

9 – prophylaxis (mostly on kids)

5 – fluoride application (all kiddos)

5 – class II amalgams

1 – MOD amalgam

15 – class V composites

1 – class III composite

2 – three-surface posterior composites

1 – PFM crown (still in process, 4 more in the near future)

1 – FGC (planned, starting sometime next month)

1 – SS crown

1 – 3-unit FPD PFM (not guaranteed yet..but keeping fingers crossed it doesn’t fall through)

1 – Direct pulp-cap

4 – core build-ups

1 – cast-post/core (still need to cement it)

1 – pulpotomy on a screaming child

1 – RCT pre-molar

8 – Quads of SRP

3 – Arches of Full Dentures

1 – RPD (currently at framework try-in phase)

22 – Extractions

1 – Surgical Extraction (which was awesome)

2 – occlusal guard (one done, one planned)

1 – unilateral space maintainer (planned and on the horizon)

So there you have it. This is what I have accomplished so far. While the list isn’t that massive, I am feeling quite content with my current level of experience. While I am definly lacking in Endo and Fixed, I have done a ton of directs and feel pretty good about them. I also have plenty of fixed on the horizon. The only trouble-area is endo. Hopefully I can pick up another one sometime soon.

My experience obviously is going to be quite different from anyone else in my class. I know someone that has done a ridiculous number of endos already and someone else that has been really dealing out the crowns. However, I also know people that haven’t done an amalgam yet, or a denture. It is completely unique and based almost entirely on your patient pool.

Being a D-3 can be frustrating at times. You go through good streaks and bad, but all in all – especially once you start to feel at home in the clinic, it just kicks ass. I see all those silly D-1s running around to with their bone boxes or skulls and just shudder. Thank god I am done with that. 19 months and I’ll be graduating.