Saturday, October 16, 2010

One Small Step...

Just finished up the official mannikin portion of the CRDTS test today. I am too exhausted for a full debriefing. Let's just say I didn't have any glaring mistakes, but my endo was definitely not my best work. You don't realize how exhausting this exam is.

I practiced a good six times including our mock exam. Each practice takes about 7 hours. Then you finally get to the real thing. By the time I was on my last procedure (full RCT #8) I was just out of gas. I think it's OK, but who knows. The good news is that I felt pretty similar walking out of this thing as I did walking out of the written exam that I took in August. Not super confident, but not down either. So hopefully the result will be the same. We won't know for about three weeks. I will brood over it for a day or so, then it will slowly leave the forefront of my mind until the grades show up...gulp.

I really hope I passed simply because I'd hate to spend another 900 bucks to retake it. Not to mention the arduous process of preparing and actually taking the exam.

We go from 7:30am until 4:00pm with really no true lunch break. That just tires you out. Especially when you are trying to make everything perfect.

Needless to say, I went out with some classmates for a few beers afterwards. So here I sit now, ready to just pop a movie in and relax with the lady.

I think I outlined this exam already so I won't even try to do it right now. I figured I'd post while in that hazy after-aura of just completing part of the most important exam in my life.

Whew. Now I have to recover tomorrow and get back in the trenches starting monday. I have to give a case presentation on thursday. Why the hell did I sign up for the first time slot? CURSE YOU PAST SELF!

Sorry for the lack of posts, just been all over the place with board prep and rotations and life experiences.

In other news, I got my first GPR interview coming up in november. 1 for 2 in interview offers so far. Haven't heard anything from the other yet. We will see.

I'll shoot for another D-4 experience post by the end of the month. No guarantees, just a goal!!

Sorry for slowness in response to emails, same excuse as above. I will get to them ASAP though.

And I'm done.