Tuesday, November 30, 2010

GPR Bound

Officially got offered a contract today. Next year I will be busting out dentistry over at Illinois Masonic. Nothing officially signed yet, so I will get into more details about the program in future posts. Needless to say, I am in very high spirits tonight.

Much like passing manikin boards or part II of the written exam, there is just this rush of pure euphoria. The soaking-in period should last a good week or so. I am on rotation so I am busting my ass off seeing 10ish patients per day but this was a nice bit of news.

While the stress wasn't as intense as the week leading up to finding out that I passed the manikin exam, it got pretty bad the last few days. As mentioned, I only applied to two programs, and while I got interviews at both, you really can't account for the luck factor involved in any application process. I feel like I interviewd well at both, so luckily my top choice panned out. Everytime my phone would start vibrating, my heart would crank up the pace for a few minutes. And so many times it was a friend or patient or even wrong number. BUT NOT TODAY!

All I know for sure is that I gotta buy a christmas present for one of my letter or rec writers because several of the interviewers mentioned how impressed they were with it. I wish I didn't sign away my right to read it because I'm damn curious now.

Pass NBDE part II - check
Pass Manikin CRDTS - check
Get into GPR - check
Pass patient CRDTS - taking in march
Don't die before graduation - pending

So there you have it, really not much left. I still have an endo performance exam to complete on a posterior tooth and a few implant cases to finish (surgeries already done); but otherwise I'm pretty much graduated. Holy crap.

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