Saturday, April 16, 2011

21 Days Left, Again

What are the odds. I just randomly was thinking about this post I did approximately four years ago when I had 21 days left prior to graduation. As the blog gods would have it, I am in exactly the same position today. This was NOT pre-planned which is what makes it awesome. Twenty-one days stand between me and doctor-hood. So in the spirit of that original post, here are 21 things I will absolutely NOT miss about dental school. In no particular order:

1. Only learning dentistry for about 1 hour a day, the rest is spent cleaning up chairs, gopher running lab scripts, calling patients and checking out instruments.

2. Going into debt more and more each and every month

3. The pre-clinic

4. Studying power point presentations for hours on end

5. Cockroaches

6. Dental students, good lord we are an annoying bunch

7. Being treated like a 12 year old despite being 26

8. Calling my own patients and setting up appointments

9. Setting up my chair

10. Breaking down my chair and returning instruments

11. Having 1 out of every 3 units present with some malfunction (leaky water spray, broken hose, etc.)

12. Having 1 out of every 3 hand pieces not work, requiring me to go back to the window for seconds

13. Having to suck-up to pretty much everyone from the janitor on up

14. Being constantly hounded about collections as if I can actually get any of these patients to actually pay. What do you want me to do? Break their thumbs?

15. pre-clinic students leaving rotten smelly endo teeth in open jars all over the school. Pick that crap up please.

16. Having to coordinate with program directors that have NO cooridination in terms of what I have and have not done or when I'm on and when I'm not on rotation.

17. Having to mount every case as if the world would explode should I not

18. Having a crappy lab do all the work

19. Having to get everything swiped or signed (approved)...and I do mean everything

20. Attendance taking (again, I'm 26 years old here)

21. Being a student!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM DONE!! and just like that original post... GO BULLS!