Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Phoenix Perhaps?

Oh my, well.  Where to begin?  If you actually pay attention to this little corner of internet heaven, then you may be asking where the hell did this guy go?

By all accounts, if you are going off my last post, it would appear that I was slain at Cook County.  My burning ruin, left smoldering on the cold, unwashed floors.  You would be wrong though!  I simply got lazy, uninspired, busy, distracted, insert adjective.  Not an excuse, just a reality.  Life moves along at a steady clip, and while I still have plenty of time to myself, I use that time differently than a few years back.

Speaking of moving fast, how about that GPR?  Over before it began.  An entire year, one of the fastest of my life leaves me finally understanding what my dad means when he says it just goes faster each and every year.  Hell, I’ll be dead before too long at this rate.

I WILL make a detailed post about the GPR at some point.  I simply cannot do it justice right now.  I will say it was 100% worth the time/effort/lack of $$$.  At least it feels that way now.   The unfortunate reality is that unless I find a PERFECT fit to utilize my skill-set, I will probably end up doing fairly standard dentistry until I can finally open my own office.  That feels like centuries away right now…what with the massive pile of debt sitting at my doorstep.

But I digress!

A quick year-long summary which is fitting considering how fast this year has gone:
1) Completed the GPR successfully on June 30th, 2012
2) Attained my license in conscious sedation with intent to utilize
3) Improved in pretty much every aspect of dentistry (did more root canals in first month than all of dental school).
4) July 2012, got married….to a dentist….gross.  Remember when I was saying how class-cest was a bad idea.  Damn that crow tastes good.
5) Slow start to job hunt due to wedding/honeymoon
6) 2-month part-time gig as a mercenary dentist in a public health clinic begins in October
7) What felt like a sure-thing part-time job in a decent west-suburban office has crumbled over the last few weeks due contract negotiation, details forthcoming.
8) I still live!

I can’t promise anything, but seeing as the job hunt is taking about 5x longer than I expected, I may as well use my time to relate the experience.  Hell, this stuff is just as important to the dental nerds reading the blog as passing classes was.  Getting a job in a major metropolitan area is not difficult.  Getting a GOOD job is.

And the great thing about being married to a dentist is that her income keeps us afloat so that I don’t need to rush into a bad situation.  I WILL find the right fit.  You could also argue that the bad thing about being married to a dentist is that we owe the government about 750,000k in loans and that we really need the dual income sooner rather than later.


Ok enough, I need to finish reading a contract that I’m about to sign for the 2-month mercenary job.  Oh and mercenary could also be replaced with the word temp, I just think it sounds way better.

Sorry for not responding to emails, at this point it seems silly to reply to something 9 months old.  So I can just cop out and give a blanket apology.  I WILL TRY TO IMPROVE!


Sorry for the dramatics, being a fan hurts sometimes.