Friday, September 19, 2014

PSA - 1


I know I have, once again, fallen off from the blogosphere.  As per the status quo, I have no legitimate excuses outside of general malaise.  Life is busy, sure - but I have time.

Right now is actually a very unlikely time to be returning for a post with a bit of substance.  For I am at work.  That's right, at work and able to blog.  I've become like any other corporate drone, milking the clock and putzing around on the internet.  The only difference is that there is no clock to milk except my own.  You see, I do not get paid at this office for sitting on my ass, I get paid to do dentistry.  First patient of the day failed their NP exam.  Young males are the worst at keeping appointments.  How bout' a phone call at least?  Nope, not even that.  I may be a millennial, but I have the demeanor of an old man when it comes to punctuality and doing what you say you are going do or being where you say you are going to be.  Call me old fashioned, but that is just me.

But enough of this pittling about, for I have a public service announcement.

Wash your freaking hands please.  When you use the restroom and are touching toilet flushers/doors/faucets/yourself...particularly a scummy public restroom..WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS.

We have a general washroom at this office building and I can't tell you how many adult professionals (lawyers,CPAs, etc) will take a dump and just walk on out the door.  I've become so disgusted that I won't touch the doorknob without a paper towel in hand.

My favorite is the courtesy know, the people that let the water run for about 5 seconds and then grab some towels to make you THINK they actually washed their hands.  What are you?  A Five year old?  Maybe this will speak to you.  WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!

Jesus.  So much sickness could be avoided if people actually washed their freaking hands!!!


Yet another reason why I want my own office....a private bathroom (or at least staff only).

This concludes your angry PSA for the day.