Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Tutelage of Rupert – 2

My how the time flies. Has it truly been three months since we last visited my engaging undertaking? Well, in all honesty, I didn’t bring Rupert out here until this last Sunday – simply because I had a lot of moving and preparing for ‘his coming’ and really didn’t feel like taking care of anything else, namely a living creature. But I felt a little guilty pawning him off on my folks, so I have gathered him up again and here we are – back at square one.

I have 2 bathrooms, one of them is now Rupert’s – only the brave will use it for human needs. I need to get a camera, because this journey really needs visuals..but I guess text will have to do for now. The bathroom is really long, with a tub and toilet at the far end. The litterbox is currently residing in the bath tub – in a vain attempt to capture the messy bastard's litter trail as he exits. Seriously, do most cats kick the litter all over the place or is it just this little freak?

I was a little leary to really get going as the cat took a few days to get acclimated to my place. Ya know, freaked out and cowering behind furniture thinking he was going to die. Fortunately my downstairs neighbor has two cats, one of them has become Rupert’s new BFF. His name is Pootie (hahahah). Now that he is comfortable, I will try inching the litterbox closer to the toilet.

I hope by next week to have the box out of the tub and directly adjacent to the toilet – keep your fingers crossed loyal readers.