Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Tutelage of Rupert - 1

Four posts in a day!? ARE YOU KIDDING!? Well, I actually type these up in word first, so I had the first three done already – just too lazy to post (the internet at my school would also make this take about 30 minutes unless on a weekend).

Back on Track though – I have come upon a serious decision/undertaking. I will most likely need the support from my family and closest friends. Of course, I am talking about something of utmost importance that is, dare I say, vital to my survival in dental school. Yes you guessed, I am going to toilet train Rupert.

For those of you who don’t know Rupert, he is small, orange, and messy as hell – hence the decision.

Come next fall, I hope to never clean a litter box again!!!

I am being realistic, I know the odds of this working are not in my favor, but I have done research and I believe Rupert is quirky enough to learn.

Of course because this task is so very important to my dental school success, I will be keeping you all updated with my new mini-series, The Tutelage of Rupert. I won’t be starting until I move, so don’t expect any updates for a bit.

And for all you naysayers, BEHOLD!