Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Saga Continues

OK, so I have somewhat given up on collecting teeth up in Downers Grove. I have a few other Oral Surgeons to call...but it seems they only pull thirds out here. No surprise either, its not like there are lots of periodonal disease ridden people living in suburbia. I decided having one jar full of thirds can't be half-bad. Despite the fact that I remember one student claiming not to bother with thirds, the letter for collection says nothing of the sort. So technically I could bring in three jars of thirds and they couldn't say I didn't try. Seems like it would be good just to go to town with the highspeed on some large teeth at first to get a better feel for it. I also am pretty sure I can just buy them at the school as well, which may end up happening because this is so pointless. But wait...

Suddenly the little cartoon lightbulb went off in my head. I am so rushed and stressed to get these bottles going because I'm going to be back in school for 2 months to finish my degree. Then it hit me...townies!...yes..horrid...horrid..teeth. I have hit the jackpot. I instantly revised my search to periodontists and oral surgs down at my undergrad. There are a LOT of periodontists....I wonder why? Townies down there have some pretty nasty teeth, so I should be in good shape. Yes I am generalizing, but that is what people do!

Now hopefully one of those perios will be kind enough to help a brother out and get me some anterior teeth. HUZZAH!!