Friday, March 30, 2007

Come Forth O’ Mighty Molars

So there are 4 oral surgeons near my school. The catch though, is that they are all in the same building – and three of them are related! So I found their website and shot them an email explaining the whats and the whys.

The very next day, I get a phone call from the office telling me to just come on over and get some teeth..YAY!! Well, this office already had them packaged and sealed away with the cool biohazard symbol as well. They also made me realize that my glass jars were probably not as practical as plastic; however, if Dr. Frankenstein can put organs in glass, than why shouldn’t I?

Still, instant teeth were nice, but clearly I need a bunch more. They told me they have other students asking so that I probably wouldn’t get any more soon. Oh well, at least it is a start, and I do have a jar back home (hopefully beginning to fill).

Oh and did I mention how disgusting these things look? They are mostly molars..but I can definitely pick out a few anteriors, so at least I’m getting some variety!!

And now I’m off, to waste away in comparative anatomy. I am so tired of learning about things that aren’t human. I don’t care how thick the dermal layer of an aardvark is, I just don’t.