Thursday, March 15, 2007

When it Rains it Pours

Well the dry-spell of zero information has finally lifted. And boy did it ever lift. I was bombarded with UIC information. I already feel as though I am getting bossed around – a feeling I better get used to for awhile.

Aside from the friendly hello and congrats from the dean, I received a large letter from exec associate dean of student affairs. UIC sends everything via email too, so it was pretty convenient to just save everything into one nice folder rather than sort through piles of paper.

Here is what I have to do:

-Collect as many decent extracted teeth as possible

-Get my radiographs from my dentist to use for educational purposes (full mouth and panoramic)

-Need a computer with meeting minimum specs (PC preferred; minimum specs are not very demanding). I’m getting a monster PC this summer anyways. Screw laptops.

-Fill out an immunization form and make sure I have all vaccinations. Mail it away.

-Get hepatitis type B vaccinations, mail away proof.

-Contact housing if needed (feels great to already have living arrangements done)

-Get a parking permit (think I can walk, but I’ll need one from Chicago anyways)

-Get a UIC I-card. (I think this makes public transport cheaper for students but I am not sure yet.)

-Need to wait until May for FAFSA info…sigh

Spring break starts this week. I already contacted my favorite orthodontist/mentor, hopefully he can drop some names and I can get the ball rolling on this teeth collection thing. I will probably end up going straight down the phone list.

I wish I knew more oral surgeons : (

Well I was complaining about being bored and impatient, and now I have a full list of crap to take care of. Checking out the condo over break as well. Things are coming up fast!