Friday, March 23, 2007

Already Irked

As I was frustratingly speeding about 75th street, trying in vain to find the office suite of the OMS I was going to pester, I began to question what I was doing. I nearly got broadsided by a short-bus, I was flicked off by a 12 year old in the back seat of an SUV, and almost rear-ended by the ugliest yellow hummer you ever did see driven by some high schooler that clearly was learning how to kill people in her unecessarily pretentious and retarded 'car.'

Why? I began to question why the hell I had to go through all this trouble. I had to find some jars, get some bleach, get a headache while pouring the bleach/water ratio into the jars. Buy labels to put my name/number on the jars. Look up random phone numbers, awkwardly ask secretaries for some teeth, and clumsily follow map quests directions in vain.

I am paying about 30,000 dollars for tuition this year, and they have me scouring the earth for teeth. Don't you think, given all that money I am forking over, that they could maybe get some teeth themselves? After all, this is a dental school, I bet they have LOTS of teeth lying around. I just figured out that I had my first bitter dental school moment... AND I HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED!!!! I am going to be a bundle of joy come next fall.

I did find the office. I awkwardly carried my bottle into the suite and handed it to the secretary. She clearly did not know who I was, but I also brought a copy of the UIC letter so that they wouldn't think I was some creep with a molar fetish.

Got out and what do you know? A bird crapped on my car. What an exercise in futility..

Can I get an amen?