Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wendy's V McDonald's

So I just got a job at Wendy's. It is exciting, I can't wait to start, we are on the cutting edge of the fast food industry. However, I keep hearing discussions from fellow Wendy's employees about how we are becoming just as distinguished as McDonalds. We get really defensive when those Big Mac flippers come around claiming how wendy's is just for Mcdonald's rejects.

Most people fail to realize that both places require similar training and resumes. I could have gotten a job at McDonalds if I had volunteered more at McDonalds-based charities or if I had shadowed some McDonalds employees.

But why? I want to work at Wendy's, I like Wendy's a lot more. Is it a crime to like Wendy's over McDonalds? Surely you cannot debate the superior taste of the double stack with cheese. However, Mickie D's does offer the McChicken...but that will not sway me!

Bottom line though: if you already have a job at Wendy's, or McDonalds for that matter, why the hell are you so interested in comparing the stringent pre-reqs that each has, or the rigors of training for two completely separate fields.

The only thing wendy's and McDonalds have in common is that they both serve fast food. If you work at wendy's, you probably need to realize that the general public will always view wendy's as a baby mcdonalds - get used to it.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I am making a colorful analogy of the pointless debate that continues ceaselessly amongst pre-professional students. Namely dentistry versus medicine. I am not kidding when I say I could have gone to med-school. It would have taken another year though seeing as I have NO extracurriculars geared towards medicine. I also am not interested, is it that hard to believe? Yea my favorite three shows just might be M*A*S*H, Scrubs, and House, but I guarantee if they made a show about dentists, I would be ALL over it!!

It is true that there are some who use dentistry as a 'back-up,' but these truly are exceptions and not the rule.

I could debate with anyone until I am blue in the face about the drastic increase in the academic qualities of incomming dental schools, but these cries would be falling on deaf ears.

This morning during my pointless physical, the nurse said: "Oh you are going to d-school? What is that, another 2 years?"

The physician followed suit: "Good luck in the future, you have 3 years right?"

NO people, it is actually FOUR (with the exception of UoP). My point is that people are generally uninformed and I don't expect that to change. However, anyone that is close to you, or important in your life will figure out that dental school is not some night class completed at a community college and that you worked your ass off. Nobody should need anymore validation than that.

If you got into dentistry, or even medicine simply for prestige, you should quit now. Get a Phd in biochem and cure cancer - get a nobel prize, that is where the glory is at. Not wearing some coat and using "I'm a doctor" as a pick-up line.

Give me a break.

I almost started ranting about pre-professional students in general, but that is a can of worms I will save for tomorrow or maybe later tonight.

Freezing spring break with all friends back at their respective campusi = lot's of time to putz around on this blog.