Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pluggin’ away:

While I realize my intents for this blog have greatly evolved, I still do have that initial desire to help future students. With this in mind, I would like to point my more serious readers in the direction of Created by Ben, a D1 at Temple, this site offers a plethora (did he just plethora?) of great information for pre-dents and dental students alike. Not only is the information great, but IT HAS PICTURES!!! If I learned anything in kindergarten, it is that pictures make reading so much better – especially pertaining to a lot of the pre-clinical stuff we all will be having fun with. Becuase of the great visuals, I deem it the curious george of dental blogs. Keep on shinning man with the yellow hat, keep on shinning.

The site is organized really well and provides a wealth (better than plethora?) of information that is available for anyone interested.

Go forth! Read! Oh yea and before you ask, there is no difference between the DMD and the DDS, so don’t ask unless you want to get killed by sarcasm.