Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Destination Chicago

So spring break thus far has been anything but vacation. Sure I don't have any school work to do, but I still have paperwork to fill out and other odds and ends to sort out. On top of that, the temp hasn't gotten above 40ish and it is windy and cold. Supposed to get into the 60s by the end of the week - but of course it is also supposed to storm. So here is what has gone down:

I already mentioned getting the financial aid stuff sent in, so next on the list was getting a physician to sign off on my immunological records. I have no idea where my medical records have been kept, so I enlisted my mother to scour the house and contact whichever doctor has my file. So of course my brother and sister's reports are filed away nicely, but we can't seem to find mine.

No worries, the official immunological record has been sent to our new primary care physician, and I had an appoint this morning. But wait! Apparently the records were never sent, so I end up getting an absolutely useless physical and still have blank papers that need signing. But my mom just contacted me and apparently she has tracked down the physician that has the copies...so I'm going to head over there in a few.

Note to future dental students: Get this crap done ASAP, you never know how many problems will spring up.

On a better note, I got to see the condo today. It is nestled in nice and tight with many other fairly new structures. The school is only about a 15 minute walk so that is great. The condo is deceivingly large. It looks like the rooms are pretty small, but the place is just REALLY long with more closet space than I know what I'll do with. The current resident still had a lot of crap lying around, so it was hard to get a full feel of how I will set up - but the wheels are in motion.

I can't even begin to describe the deck, it is fantastic with full view of the chicago skyline. I definitely will have to host some gatherings over the next few years.

It also looks like I may be moving in early. UIC has shot me an invitation to apply for a summer research program and I am going for it. Only 10 spots are offered to the incoming D-1's so I hope I get a spot. More on that later. I have to go get these forms signed!!