Friday, May 7, 2010

D-4 Official

As of 1 hour and 15 minutes ago, I officially became a D-4. This is of course pending grade posting (although barring some huge mishap, I'm just fine and dandy).

I really did burn out a bit by the end of this semester. Just no real desire to go to school at all. Tried to get some lab stuff done, but just found myself too drained to even be proficient at menial tasks. That and I my right eye has been twitching a bit lately. These are the symptoms of a man that needs a vacation.

Thankfully, it is time for one. With one week off, I hope to mentally and physically recharge for the final year of dental school. That's right, the FINAL year.

The other major decision is that I intend to take the national board dental examination (NBDE) part II in august during our break. I originally was going to do it later...but decided to just power through and get it out of the way. One less thing to deal with during all the other licensure crap. This will hurt my summer relaxing plans a bit, but not nearly to the same extent as part I.

HUGE final D-3 experience post on the way for next week.

Until then....