Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rotations x 2

As promised, here is a little update on how my rotations are shaping up. I am a bit dissapointed that one of the sites I was told to be part of the 2x2 is not an option this year. Of course I was told this after they had already scheduled now I can't exactly back out. I also was unaware that one of the sites requires me to live in rockford for five weeks until fairly recently. I feel a bit conned overall with the program directors. They lure you in with flattery and all this talk of opportunity, than you just get dumped in the places you didn't really want to go because the original places presented as options are no longer options? WHA?

I am of course exaggerating my complaining a bit. I still am glad to have the opportunity and I know I will learn a ton regardless of where I am. More importantly, I will learn how to interact in dental situations not regulated by the school.

So how does this work? Thirteen upcoming D-4 students will be partaking in this rotation block. We are divided into two groups (A and B). So going with the name of the rotation (2x2), while the A group is out on rotation, the B group is at the college and vice versa. I am in the B group. So I start the third week of June. It is usually a two week block, but occasionally it is only one.

We have four total blocks of rotation. Each block has approximately five weeks worth of time at a certain location.

This summer I will be at the Children's Clinic in Oak Park. Obviously this will be a healthy dose of pedo. In all honesty, I don't mind. One major objective I have going into this next year is to greatly enhance my technical speed. Doing so on pediatric patients is a great starting point because if you horribly butcher a primary tooth, it isn't the end of the world (unless you create an extraction scenario). Now that isn't to say that I'm going to do half-assed dentistry, but I'm not going to be crying if I overextend a wee bit on good ol' #I. Seeing as they will lose this tooth naturally, as long as the restoration holds, it doesn't have to be sparkling perfect.

Secondly, your pediatric patient will definitely appreciate faster appointments. So we will see...if I get an assistant..who knows how much I could actually get done.

So starting in September, I will be going out to Rockford IL to spend three weeks at the Crusader Clinic which treats a rural population. Not sure if it is mostly kids or not. My other two weeks will be spent at the Milestone clinic which caters to the developmentally disabled. This should be a great learning experience. This block ends in early Novemeber.

The final two blocks are not decided yet so I will update when the schedule is finalized.

Now it appears that we do get time off for boards related events. I will have a post dedicated to all the licensure crap I have to do in the future. Basically, I have to take the national board part 2 written exam, take the prostho/endo mannequin exam, and take the live patient exam over the course of the D-4 year. This does not include the 'mock' exams hosted by the school itself. This also does not include all the random clinical requirements I still am responsible for.

So there will be plenty to do...and I hope being away on rotation so much doesn't completely screw me over in terms of finding patients for the licensure exam next March. That is less than a year away. Crap.

But I will save that sort of complaining for another day.

1.5 weeks left until I wrap up D-3 year