Saturday, May 19, 2007

This is The End

Beautiful friend, the end.

In 24 hour hours, I will officially be a college graduate.

-end college sentimentality-

Yesterday I was in Chicago, at an introductory research mentors meeting. I met 9 of my future classmates and they all seemed quite amiable – I hope this sample is representative of the rest. I also met several research-oriented doctors at the school – some with dual DDS, PhD; and some with the solo PhD.

Everyone was extremely friendly – and the faculty as a whole seems to have a great temperament with a sprinkling of humor. While I must admit, the presentations began to drag on around hour number four, but I still am glad I attended. I am hoping to either do research in biomaterials or wound healing. Keep reading for future updates.

BUT – I almost did not make it to the meeting at all. As I was begrudgingly navigating through morning traffic on I-290, I was almost destroyed by two things that truly disgust me. Separately, I can barely stand the site of either, but together…wow.

Pulling up to my left side was a Hummer – perhaps the greatest symbol of American vanity and waste. This wasn’t altogether surprising; lots of folk seem to think driving something outrageously huge through the packed streets of Chicago is a GOOD idea. Well, wouldn’t ya know it, but Carlos Zambrano was behind the wheel. I am admittedly a Sox fan, although I really don’t mind the Cubs, but I CANNOT stand Zambrano. He is over-emotional, provides idiotic quotes for the media-whores, and of course, drives a Hummer.

Oh well, at least he didn’t plow me off the road or anything – even though I should have forced some sort of accident that could be blamed on him. Then I wouldn’t have any debt after dental school. Damn me and my morals.

-return to college sentimentality –

We had a final party with all the graduating pre-professional students. Our pre-health advisor has been invaluable, and of course provided some quality booze. She has a great back yard where everyone sat around a fire pit, drank, laughed, and drank into the wee hours of the morning. It is hard to believe that only ten of us are actually going forward in life with what we set out to do many years ago. We used to have damn close to 100 students (a lot for a small school) freshmen year, but those weed out classes get the name for a reason.

Today we had to “practice” graduating. It reminded of me of being in elementary school again. We all had to pretty much take orders like a bunch of dogs as some scary old lady yelled at us. If she told me to pee on the kid standing next to me, I probably would have. She was just THAT intimidating. Then of course, the students were not much better. After we sat down, nobody paid any attention and everyone was just being immature (yours truly included). Really though, what do they expect – the entire exercise was just idiotic. There has got to be an easier way.

What is the deal with graduation anyway? We wear some goofy outfit and stand around in a very hot room listening to a bunch of boring speeches telling us about this and that and blah. I suppose it would be more meaningful if I knew there wasn’t ANOTHER graduation to go to in four years. Let’s face it; the second movie in a trilogy usually sucks the most.

Ah, but such is life – one giant hoop after another.

Well, I wanted to get off this last post before leaving, because I may be away for a bit. The process of moving is never smooth-going, and I only have about 10 days to get everything squared away in Chicago. To make matters worse, my brother and dad will be out of town for most of that time, taking with them the valuable truck needed to help in the move. I am NOT getting a U-Haul.

But I digress, I am off to clean up the oven, empty the fridge, and drink some beers with the gang.

Until next time.

Ride the snake, ride the snake.