Sunday, May 6, 2007

Vocabulary 100 - ed. 2

Due to severe lack of creativity, zero interesting events, and general malaise, I just haven’t had much to post. So to tide everyone (including myself) over, I am going to pump out another vocabulary installment!! Yea, I know how amazing and excited you all are. I don’t know about you guys, but I was using the term reprobate all the time after my last vocabulary post – usually in reference to my neighbors.

Without further adieu:

prodigal – Recklessly or wastefully extravagant
-I’m not religious, but even I know the story of the prodigal son.

advent – A coming or arrival; a coming into use
-The advent of summer is marked with warm weather and less school.

provenance – Origin or source
-Dimension X is the provenance of Krang, the maniacal brain.

incipient – Starting to come into being or to become evident.
-He felt the stirrings of incipient panic as he realized that the keys were gone.

infinitesimal – Extremely or immeasurably small
-Every object is manifest through many infinitesimal particles. I love this word, period.

obsequious – Excessively submissive, obedient, or flattering.
-Fred’s obsequious nature made him the perfect lackey for the gang.

jovial – Jolly, expansively good-natured
-Santa Clause is widely known as a jovial fat man that uses elves as a cheap source of slave labor to create toys.

mercurial – Having rapid and unpredictable changes in mood
-The weather in the Midwest is always of a mercurial nature.

conducive – Tending to promote, encourage, or assist; helpful
-Studying a few days in advance, rather than cramming, is often conducive to receiving exceptional grades.

Bacchanalian – Frenzied, orgiastic
-The bacchanalian partying on graduation night resulted in three wrecked cars, two lawsuits by unamused parents, and more new experiences than most of the participants could remember the next day. (I did not make this one up!)

And of course, your reward!